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On Rosh Hashanah 2019, Robin spoke to the Congregants at NYC's Central Synagogue. 

She talked about how stigma associated with substance use disorder interferes with accessing humane and high-quality health care. 

Explaining the Value of Narcan

Robin often offers introductory remarks at Narcan trainings.  At a training in the fall of 2022, here is what she said:


On April 9, 2007, our daughter Zoe lost her life to an accidental drug overdose.


Overdose deaths are preventable deaths. 

But I didn’t know that. 

I also didn’t know that you can reverse an overdose and save someone’s life.

And it’s simple to do.

I didn’t know about Narcan.

But I wish I had.


It’s a long story how Zoe went from the child she was, to a young woman misusing dangerous drugs.


But what I hope to convey today is simple.


People do use drugs. 

There are many people who use drugs recreationally.

And 100,000 died just last year.

Accidental drug overdoses are increasing.

The death rate is rising.


But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We know what to do.


We/you can prevent someone from dying by using Narcan when someone overdoses.  Narcan is a medicine that can reverse the lethal effects of an opioid overdose.


Zoe was just 22 years old with everything in front of her. 


Let’s protect our family, friends, our community -- those who use drugs.  And let’s not judge them, let’s just care for each other.


Please don’t blame, instead protect, because no one should die of an overdose.

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